wijnnaam :Zenato Amarone
Eindoordeel :82
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oogstjaar :2001
classificatie :Denominazione di origine Controllata
verkregen :onbekend
prijs :
niet bekendvolume :0,75 liter
wijnsoort :Rood
De 14e wijn op onze ItaliŽ voor vrinden, vrijdag 8 januari 2010. Dit is wat Zenato zegt:"The Amarone is a small jewel in our product line, made from outstanding corvina, rondinella and sangiovese grapes of the Valpolicella Classico zone, in the communes of SantíAmbrogio, Negrar, Pedemonte, Fumane, San Pietro in Cariano and Marano.
After being picked into small, 2.5 kg trays, the grapes are cleaned and placed on drying mats for 4 months in dry, well-ventilated rooms. In January they are finally crushed, then very slowly fermented on the skins; the wine goes into 300-litre French barrels and Slavonian oak barrels for maturation, followed by a yearís ageing in bottle before release. A wine of superb richness and majestic flavours. The exceptional balance of all its components makes it ideal for lengthy cellaring. After being picked and carefully graded, the grape clusters are placed in shallow wood trays for about 5 months, leaving space for air circulation around the bunches. After fermentation on the skins, the wine is divided into 300-litre French oak barrels and Slavonian oak cases for maturation of about two and a half years, followed by a yearís ageing in bottle before release.
druiven : 80% corvina, 10% rondinella, 5% sangiovese, 5% molinara
kleur :bruinrood
geur :ontwikkeld fruit, pruimen
smaak :rond, stevig, lengte, in balans
alcohol :1 %
op dronk :2003 - 2012
gedronken :2010
ervaring :
toegevoegd op: 11-1-2010 door: Wouter Boer
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